The famous and rarest items in the Elder Scrolls Online

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Since the Elder Scrolls Online is a highly open game, players can determine their own game direction according to their preferences. For example, some players like to make friends in the game, some players advocate crazy battles and adventures, and some players like to collect some rare and precious items. So what are the rare items with an outstanding value in the game? Some can’t even be purchased with ESO Gold to show how precious they are.

They need Aetheric Ciphers to get the recipe for Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia potions. These potions give players a 150% XP boost for 30 minutes. And because everyone needs to level up in Elder Scrolls Online, crafting these potions can be an incredibly lucrative business. Aetheric Cipher’s drop off of any non-DLC enemies, but the drop rate is extremely low.

Encasement of Anguish is one of the rarest items in the game, because its drop rate is already 0. Players can neither use ESO Gold to buy it nor through other methods, only to trade with the players who own it. The armor’s style was converted into the costume, Dark Seducer, available to every player after hitting CP level 60.

ESO also allows players to bring pets. So those players who love pets will generally keep a cute pet around to play with ESO Gold. The rarest of these pets is Imgakin Monkey. At present, only players who participated in the online beta of The Elder Scrolls can use it. Now even if players want it, there is no way. Because it is not tradable and its price cannot be measured.

It can be said that among the above three objects, the rarest one is definitely Imgakin Monkey. Players should try other fun things. They can raise their happiness to a higher level through Buy more ESO Gold. Come On!

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