Madden 21 Playbooks With Wildcat: 3 Best to Use

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Adding Wildcat to Madden 21's offensive arsenal will make any defense in the game suitable. The Wildcats formation is an offensive scheme that directly hits any player other than the quarterback. In most cases, the ball will be stuck on a defender or wider receiver. If you are also a Madden 21 player, then you can also Buy MUT 21 Coins to enhance your game. Next, let us understand the three best scripts in Madden 21 that were proposed for the "Wildcats" team.

Run 'N Gun
This is the best when it comes to the Wildcats. When using the "running" attack, switch to the "Wildcat trip" formation. From there you will see six scripts using wild cats. There are two pass options, two for design runs, and two with read options, where you can decide whether to run backwards or move the wide receiver.

Patriots Run Balanced Offense
According to Reddit, the Patriots' Wildcat formation is highly valued after Run n Gun. "Running Balance Attacking Wildcats" ordinary plans are not as extensive as "Running Long Shots", but they do provide some unique games that can burn defense. There are three functions: Jet Sweep, PA Jet Sweep and Power. The Power game seems to be the most effective, bringing an ultra-wide receiver as a run stopper.

Steelers Wildcat Slot Flex
Steelers Wildcat Slot Flex has three scenarios, which are different from the other two scripts. These programs are: power supply, counter and jet scan. The best part of the trilogy is "Power." The ball will be directly deducted back to the defender, and the wide receiver in motion will provide additional blocking assistance. Finally, if you need to buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins, then I recommend to you the safe and reliable GameMS.