Path of Exile 2 should be a new beginning

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Path of Exile 2 will be bigger than you think-but only if you also like the first part.

Grinding Gear Games is a master of secrecy. Path of Exile 2 will be bigger than you think-but only if you also like the first part. The giant’s performance has countless promises, and the elaborate live-action trailer conveys absolutely zero gameplay, but it costs more POE Currency. Then, a few people in the audience cheered and panicked every time they made an announcement, so much so that you wondered how real this enthusiasm is.

Then came the announcement of Path of Exile 2. Grinding Gear Games director Chris Wilson is also on stage, but he is obviously nervous, and seems a little nervous and overwhelmed. It's like an ordinary person in front of a large audience. However, he persevered during the demonstration and showed a trailer, in which only "Path of Exile 2" can be seen. There is no extra decoration, no actors, and no expensive rendering graphics. Players can still buy POE Currency. Enhance the game's strength.

Then there are the facts: new battles 20 years after the original story, new superior classes, new skills, support links separated from the device, better graphics, the same engine, the same account, POE Currency, and finally As a result, everything that already exists is preserved. Or to put it another way: Provide more functions without changing the basic formula. Since then, there is not much detailed information, and Grinding Gear Games has kept a low profile.

Nevertheless, I still firmly believe that the sequel will be great-just because Chris Wilson likes to learn in depth and wait longer for exciting revelations in order to surprise the community in the future. Usually, at least for developers, it is beneficial to announce content and features that will not be delivered as early as possible-Grinding Gear Games deliberately avoided the mistakes of competition here.

In Path of Exile 2, one should not expect a powerful simplification, some form of purification, a new beginning, and this new beginning should attract new players who have never been passionate about the game. Yes, it does look more peculiar, with a brand new campaign and a built-in support link in Skillgems. As always, players can Buy POE Currency to complete their own construction.