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The first prize of Christmas Hao Li has been distributed

First prize winners: Mansour21, Esmaeil Hadeed, Ab1996ma, Tulip1al, sameer15, OmarOmmeish, Heroshema
Please pay attention to the gift check~~~

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January 27, 2021

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一等奖获得者:Mansour21、Esmaeil Hadeed、Ab1996ma、Tulip1al、samer15、OmarOmmeish、Heroshema

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Obee's weekly points ranking activity rewards are released! The award list was announced last week! Ranked 1st~3rd in weekly points, get 5000 OBEE reward!🏆🏆🏆 Ranked 4th to 8th in weekly points and get 3000 OBEE rewards!🥈 Ranked 9th to 15th in weekly points, get 1000 OBEE rewards!🥉

热烈庆祝Obee Network首次邀请和注册活动,现在开始!!!
邀请好友注册即可获50 OBEE,10万 OBEE大奖火热发放中!

①注册奖励:通过邀请新人注册Obee Network社交平台,即可获得50 OBEE的超值奖励。邀请越多,则奖励叠加越多,邀请用户通过发文,评论,点赞可继续获取OBEE奖励。
②邀请排名奖:邀请人数最多的用户即可摘得19999的超值大奖。邀请人数第一位(共一名)的用户可获得19999的OBEE,第二位(共两名)可获得9999OBEE,第三位(共三名)可获得5999 OBEE,第4~20名可获得2000 OBEE, 第21~60名可获得800 OBEE。
邀请排名 奖励(OBEE)
第1名 19999
第2名 9999
第3名 5999
第4~20名 2000
第21~60名 800
③推特活动:关注@ObeeNetwork推特号,转发,评论,留下https://www.obee.vip,用户名即可获得500 OBEE奖励。

Warmly celebrate Obee Network's first invitation and registration event, start now! ! !
Invite friends to register to get 50 OBEE, and 100,000 OBEE awards are being issued!

①Registration rewards: By inviting newcomers to register on the Obee Network social platform, they can get 50 OBEE worth of rewards. The more invitations, the more rewards stack up. Inviting users can continue to get OBEE rewards by posting, commenting, and liking.
②Invitation Ranking Award: The user with the largest number of invitations will win a great prize of 19999. The user who invites the first (one in total) will get 19999 OBEE, the second (two in total) will get 9999 OBEE, the third (three in total) will get 5999 OBEE, and the 4th-20th will get 2000 OBEE, the 21st~60th place will get 800 OBEE.
Invitation Ranking Award (OBEE)
No. 1 19999
2nd place 9999
3rd place 5999
4th-20th 2000
21st~60th place 800
③Twitter activities: follow @ObeeNetwork Twitter account, forward, comment, leave https://www.obee.vip, and the user name will receive 500 OBEE rewards.


热烈庆祝Obee Network葡萄牙社区正式成立,目前Obee Network已经拥有阿拉伯,越南,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,伊朗,尼日利亚,国际社区,欢迎大家进电报群交流,疯狂打call

Warmly celebrate the official establishment of the Portuguese community of Obee Network. At present, Obee Network already has Arab, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Iranian, Nigerian and international communities. Welcome everyone to join the telegram group for communication and call crazy.


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