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Goblinswap Smart Contract Patch v1 Announcement

* Goblinswap Upgrade

The Goblinswap smart contract has been fully upgraded on 20th. Because some users staked their NULS separately in past 20 days, which caused their accumulative staked amount is 3000 and could not get a Goblin Legion character. Goblinswap team decided take the contract snapshot of all Goblin assets from the old contract at 12pm (UTC+8) on October 20th (also Cross-chain assets on ERC2. At the same time, every user that participated in the Arathi Mine will be given an extra Goblin Legion character besides the original amount.
In order to the fairness and security, the beta (V1) version of Goblinswap will come out after Goblin and NFT rewards delivered. Every user can participate in it and experience the grand mines in Arathi mountain. The platform will simultaneously start the beta version after the rewards are released, and give users sufficient time to prepare.

* For Old Contract

Goblinswap will officially launch the new contract, and the old contract will no longer be usable. Arathi Mine will also close until the the goblinswap v1 comes online . Users must withdraw NULS to their own wallet as soon as possible.
Goblinswap will automatically release Goblin tokens and Goblin Legion characters (NFT) to the user's wallet within 24 hours after the end of mining at 120 (UTC+8) on October 20. During this period, you can check your wallet at anytime.
For avoid users forgetting and fail to obtain goblins rewards right in time, the platform decided to help users automatically obtain goblins, and users no longer need to manually to make transactions.

* V1 Patch Content

Goblinswap system based on NULS main-net;
Liquidity mining pools such as Goblin-NULS, and stakes liquidity to gain GLP to participate in mining;
Goblin Legion character (NFT) is officially launched;
Goblin Legion auction house.

October 20th, 2020
Goblinswap team

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1、 Goblinswap系统已全面升级。为满足用户对于NFT的需求,但由于每个用户质押的数量与时间都不一样,平台决定与 10月20日120 (UTC+8) 对所有旧合约的Goblin资产进行一次快照(包括已跨链的Goblin旧合约资产,期间不会对Goblin资产有任何损失),同时合约将进行升级为新的Goblin,并为每一位参与质押的用户在原有的奖励基础上都额外赠送一个“地精军团NFT”角色。
公测开启后Goblinswap将正式启用新合约的Goblin,旧合约Goblin将不可再用; 包括Goblin-NULS挖矿合约也将在开启公测后关闭,请用户务必在24小时内将NULS提现至已方NULS钱包。

2、 Goblinswap将于10月20日 120(UTC+8)结束挖矿后的24小时内自动投放Goblin和地精军团角色(NFT)至用户钱包,期间可打开钱包查看收益情况。

3、 Goblinswap全新升级板块:


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Goblins have been listed Uniswap!
Liquidity pools have been opened: Goblin-ETH, Goblin-NULS.